Selasa, 14 Februari 2017

Come Back Home

Don Mueang Meet Up

finally got to see other Indonesian Fellow SEA TEACHER PROJECT!

Me and Muti arrived at Don Mueang in the afternoon of 13 February. Then we bumped into all of Indonesian Student who had same flight with us. They were from Valaya Alongkorn Rajabhat University. I even met my classmate in college, Trias. He aslo assigned to teach Kindergarten in Valaya. I met Hanifa, Iqlima, and other Valaya squad. They were so fun to be with. 

We took a same plane so we hang out together before we check in and waited together for hours. 

 Heading Indonesia

Night flight was so peaceful. I remember the day I arrived at Bangkok it was at noon, so I experience different thing. we took a rough flight because the weather wasn't very good. Actually we would delay our flight, but it wasn't happening because we just flew according to the schedule. 

we arrived at Soekarno Hatta International Airport around 11 p.m. we safely touchdown Cengkareng and went back straight to Bandung.

Finally, I met Ilham, my other classmate who assigned to teach in Songkhla. we finally reunited after a month without each other.
and I got home early in the morning. probably at 6 a.m. I rest for a day. and started my new days!


I Thank God so much, I couldn't find a better words to say how Thankful I am. 
Thank you SEAMEO for choosing me to be part of this great event. I hope this project will continue to inspire us as the future teacher to be as great as you are. 

And I promise myself to be better person and be someone more humble and kind. 

see you in another great project.

Senin, 13 Februari 2017

Trip to Bangkok



well, I'm about to experience something great today! hopefully

February, 12

I arrived at Don Mueang Airport in the middle of the night. Me, Sofia and Resti were together. We decided to stay for a night at airport because we were afraid to take a public transportation in the late night. we slept on a chair at airport with our luggage next to us. such a pity. Lol

then we ordered a GrabCar to go to our hotel in the morning. we booked our hostel before we took a flight to Bangkok so we just have to go there and pay.  the hostel location was at Lumphini, near the MRT. we were lucky to got cheap hostel but still got good facilitate at hostel such as clean bedroom, clean shower and cute lobby for us to hang out. we stayed at Ezt Hostel.

there's nothing much to say, we just having so much fun traveling by ourselves around Bangkok. we used MRT to reach Chatuchak Market and shop there afterwards. we shopped like crazy. Lol. we also bargained the owner store to get cheaper price.
Then we had lunch at Halal Food restaurant inside chatuchak market. we met a lot of moslem people at that place, we bumped into Malaysian, Arabian and some of Indonesian too. we ended our shopping time in the afternoon, and we went for dinner with our new friends from Japan whom we met at Hostel. we became friends so fast because she was so sweet. unfortunately we didn't take any picture. we were enjoyed our time to the point we forgot to take a picture.

In the morning, Sofia and Resti went to the airport. their flight back to Indonesia was at 11 a.m. while min at 21 p.m. so I got some time to travel around Bangkok. we didn't say goodbye properly because we thought that we can meet again in Indonesia. our home was close to each other, anyway. Lol

February, 13

I went around Bangkok with Mutiara. She's colleague from Indonesia University of Education that assigned to teach at Suratthani. She stayed at same hostel with me.
we used Bus to go to Wat Arun and Grand Palace. surprisingly, it was for free. I used the Bus number 48. that bus took me straight to Grand Palace. Actually there were big ceremonial for the Late King at Grand Palace. so there were a lot of people wore black color clothes to attend that event. Luckily, Me and Muti wore proper clothes (black and white clothes) so we can blend with people.
We went to Grand Palace and saw the magnificent of the temples there. we didn't guided by Thai People or whoever it was, so we didn't know the name of all places we saw there. we just took a lot of pictures and casually walked here and there.
Then we walked for 15 minutes to find a pier that we should cross to go to Wat Arun. We got some help from the police there and we reached the pier to Wat Arun. we only paid 4 Baht (Rp.1.600) to cross the river before we reach Wat Arun Temple. We strolled around Wat Arun and got some souvenirs and foods there. and then we went to other place.
We went to Siam Fantasia Discovery. there was Madame Tussauds - the place where we can meet a lot of celebrity or public figures waxes. Unfortunately I couldn't afford the ticket because it was so expensive, like 990 Baht. So I just took a selfies in front of the building with Kate Winslate's wax figure next to me.
Our time to go back to hostel has come. so we went back straight after visited Madame Tussauds by BTS. BTS is like sky train or MRT in Indonesia. it was so fast and comfortable public transportation. I was glad that I could ride it before I get back to Indonesia.
We ended our journey in Bangkok at 3 p.m. and we took a taxi to the airport.

this journey was awesome. I'm so grateful that I got 2 days to travel around Bangkok with my friends. even though I still want more days, but 2 days is worth it.
Bangkok will be my first traveling abroad experience that leave the good impression and I will cherish for the rest of my life.

in the very, very, very end...

See you again, Bangkok! Kop Khun Khaa :)

Sabtu, 11 Februari 2017

Farewell with Fellow Indonesian Students

See you again, Friends!

it's always hard to say goodbye, Isn't it?

Today was our very last day together as whole 10 Indonesian Students at Udon Thani Rajabhat University. each of our flights were in different time, so we have our goodbye in the different time. first in the morning, we had breakfast together, we gathered up at my rooms and cleaned our stuffs together. everything was so scattered. we won't to be apart but we had to. that kind of feelings we had in the morning. so we were awkward to each other until Ms. Kim picked up 5 of my friends in our dorm to and left to airport.
the emptiness just crossed our hallway. we were not cried at all when they left, but it was so empty inside.
I decided to stroll around University to capture as many pictures as I can to remind me sort of the place I went into for the past 1 month.

and the time has come. the time for me to go to airport came eventually. I took a night flight at 9 p.m to Bangkok. I got goosebumps when I arrived at Airport as I remember the day I arrived in Udon Thani was one month ago. I didn't talk so much. I just kept my silence and said my last farewell to all of my Thai friends who accompany us to Airport.

then I flew.
And here I am now. in Don Mueang Domestic Airport heading to Bangkok in the morning.

Never thought that I'd be here this soon. Time so short